Frequently Asked Questions

About MyAdExpress

MyAdExpress is a hosted service of JGSullivan Interactive Inc. This is a web-based ad builder system that allows you to provide your sales channels with high-quality, branded marketing materials for customization in their local markets.

MyAdExpress is simple to use, quick to set-up, and economical. This is the system that gives you the flexibility and control of your ad materials to allow your users the tool that lets them respond quickly to their always changing local marketplace.

MyAdExpress is a hosted service of JGSullivan Interactive, Inc. We have been in business since 1955 as a traditional advertising agency, and been developing online ad builders since 1995. Our wide range of custom and standardized solutions, makes us confident that we have the right system for you. So call us to schedule your online demo: 312.475.218 or fill out the request form by clicking “Demo” in the main navigation.

MyAdExpress is a monthly service, with no long-term contract to sign.

We will have your site designed, assets loaded, and users uploaded into the system in 60 days.


Fill out our contact form or call direct to 312.475.2182. We will start by scheduling a time to discuss your companies needs, followed by an online demo of our systems applications. From there we will work with you to determine the best implementation process to fit your needs.

To schedule a demo, fill out the request form. A representative will contact you shortly to schedule your personal web demo.

Administrator Functions for MyAdExpress

MyAdExpress is controlled and managed by you. A simple administrator tool lets you load templates and images, and select which areas are available for customization, and which areas are to be locked-down. This tool is available to you at any time, and eliminates the back and forth that can slow down the process of getting an ad to your users.

Yes, and so can all of your users, if you allow them the flexibility. In this system, each user has their own image library, and access to your corporate library to use in ad templates.

The system spins high-resolution .pdf’s, which can then be delivered straight to the publication.

MyAdExpress is a vendor-neutral system. We have relationships with print vendors, if you need a recommendation, or you can choose to go with your own. Some clients decide it’s better to let the user decide which printer or publication to use, and we are fine with that too.

The high-res files are sent via a pick-up link to the printer or publication of your choice.

The system will hold an unlimited amount of assets and users.

Yes, the specific needs of this feature need to be discussed on a case by case basis with each client. Contact us directly at 312.475.2182 to learn more.

Virtually any type of print piece can be handled by this system. Common usage is brochures, newspaper ads, magazine ads, flyers, coupons, and billboards. There is no limit to the type of print media this system can handle. If you have questions about a specific type, please call 312.475.2182 and we will be happy to answer any of your questions.

It’s easy! Each user as their own personal library of ads they’ve created, and images they’ve uploaded.

Yes, this is your system to manage. Asset loading, user loading, and reporting. There is also a “News & Information” section on your system for you to use to communicate to all of your users. We are here to help, but this is your system to manage.

Administrator tools allow you to see who is using the system, how often they are using it, which media type they are utilizing, and which template they are creating.

User Functions for MyAdExpress

If you can point and click a mouse, and use a keyboard to type in your personal information, than you can easily use the MyAdExpress system to localize your materials. To make it even easier, the personal contact information for each of your users is auto-populated into each ad.

You have your own image library, which is located in the “Library” section on your system’s website. Click on the “Upload new images” link to browse and upload your own images.

*Your corporate offices control whether or not you can use personal images in the ads you create. For more information on whether or not your company provides that functionality, than please contact us directly at 312.475.2182.

On the login page of your system’s website, click on the “Forgot Password” link just below the login. This will allow you to type in your company email address, and your username/password will be emailed to you.

Creating, saving, and printing an asset is a very simple process. All of your assets are saved in your personal library for future use. You can open up these .pdf’s to print on your local printer or send to a local publication.

Support for MyAExpress

MyAdExpress representatives are available during the hours of 8am – 5pm Monday – Friday. A help section is provided on your MyAdExpress site, as well as a step-by-step user guide available for download.

Upon set-up, we will offer a free training session for your company as a whole, or in individual group sessions. The sessions typically last 45-60 minutes and take you through each section of the site.

Yes, we are constantly working at making the MyAdExpress system better for you. New functionality will continue to be added, as this system will grow with you and your company’s needs.

Technical Requirements

There is no special software needed. MyAdExpress is a hosted, web-based service, so all you and your users need is an internet connection.