MyAdExpress allows you to protect your brand, while providing your sales channels with high-quality, customizable, branded marketing materials.

MyAdExpress is the one-stop advertising portal for all of your needs. From printed pieces of any size and direct-mail to banner ads and Google AdWords campaigns. It’s easy to get started. View the features below for both users and administrators of the system.

Secure Log-in

Administrator-controlled username and passwords are sent out to each new user as their accounts are created. Be sure to ask about the “Single Sign-On” enhancement, which allows for the MyAdExpress system to automatically recognize each user when they log in to the corporate marketing portal. This eliminates the need to log-in to the marketing portal, and then log in a second time to MyAdExpress.

24/7 Access to High-Quality Branded Marketing Materials

This web-based application is accessible 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. With their own username and password, each user has the convenience of being able to access their own personal library of saved materials to customize, save, and send to media at any time of the day.


Pre-Approved Ad Templates

Pre-approved templates mean your brand standards are locked down, and easily followed by all channels. If your organization offers co-op, then your users now have the most convenient portal to create and send ads that they know qualify for co-op dollars.

Customizable Google AdWords Campaigns

JGSullivan Interactive recently achieved status as an authorized Google AdWords Reseller. Through this program, corporate marketing departments can create pre-built AdWords campaign, and allow their users to customize their own landing page & purchase or add dollars to an already existing account. This has never been easier, and this is a program that shows the user measurable results.

Full Library of Saved Materials for Each User

Each user of the MyAdExpress system has their own personal library of saved ads, images, and logos. This library allows for users to create an ad, save it to their library, and use time and time again by selecting it and sending it off to their vendor of choice. Through the library, each user can also edit, duplicate, or delete ads.


Profile Page for Each User

Each user has their own personal account profile, which will contain their contact information. This contact information will automatically be inserted into specific areas of the template to help the user save time when creating new marketing pieces. Whether or not the template automatically inserts the contact information into the marketing piece is selected by the designer when they are creating the template and preparing it for the user to access and customize.

Send Pieces to Print Vendor of Your Choice

Each user will have the option to send their marketing pieces to the print vendor of their choosing. Ask about the option to add and integrate with a preferred vendor that corporate has an exclusive deal

Load and Configure Marketing Materials

Administrators/Designers have the ability to load and configure marketing materials with unique “administrator” logins. The admin suite of tools allows the naming of pieces, the creation of categories, the organization of categories, and the ability to activate, archive, or delete templates of their choosing.


Load Templates and Customize

Administrators/Designers have the ability to create templates using Adobe InDesign. The InDesign plug-in allows designers to take any InDesign document, easily create customizable fields, and upload to their MyAdExpress site without any 3rd party intervention. Available 24 hours a day this is the easiest and most convenient way for designers to create and upload templates.

Manage System Messages

Administrators can customize all message sent out by the system. Ask about how you can automatically send out messages when new templates are added to the system.

Manage Users

As an administrator of the system, you can create an unlimited number of users, delete users, and update their profile information. Ask about how you can do one bulk upload for multiple users at one time.


Generate Usage Reports

Administrators can generate usage reports to see how the system is being used. Review what your users are doing on the MyAdExpress system, which templates they are customizing, and which ones they use multiple times. If that isn’t enough, download the actual .pdf to view their customized marketing pieces.