MyAdExpress by JGSullivan Interactive

My Brand. My Message. My Adbuilder.

An online adbuilder system designed to meet your marketing and advertising needs.

What is MyAdExpress?

MyAdExpress is an online adbuilder system designed to meet your marketing and advertising needs. As a hosted service of JGSullivan Interactive, MyAdExpress is a simple to use online marketing tool that centralizes all of your ad materials, and allows for your sales channels to access and customize the ads for their local markets. This is the quickest, and simplest solution to deploying new sales and marketing campaigns throughout your entire organization at a moments notice.

Flexible Checkout and Output

MyAdExpress offers social media publishing, HTML output, update-able URL’s and traditional formats.  Checkout options include co-op and MDF funds, credit card and corporate PO across many fulfillment partners.

JGSullivan’s Own Rendering Engine

After 20 years of using others’ rendering technology we saw the shortcomings.  Our Expresslane customizer and InDesign plug-in offers an intuitive customization experience, flexibility with formats, and control over content publishing. Expresslane is embedded into the platform for a seamless experience.

World Class Digital Asset Management

MyAdExpress is built upon a platform that is a world-class, enterprise content management system ranked by Gartner Group. This means thousands of installations, millions of users, better usability and regular updates.

Who can benefit from MyAdExpress?

The MyAdExpress system can be applied to a wide variety of organizations.

Advertising Agency

Are you looking for a way to help your clients protect their brand?

Dealer or Franchise Driven Organization

Are you wanting to increase sales by improving local marketing content?


Are you searching to save time and money, while providing your dealers with additional support in promoting your products?